time to invest

WHAT IS THE best time to invest?

The most frequently asked question – Is this the right time to invest ? The next obvious question – Where do I invest now?

We believe the decision would depend on the goal that has to be achieved – the purpose of the investment and the investment timeframe.

We have a lot of categories of investments such as Liquid, Ultra short term debt , Money Market debt, Short term debt, Corporate Bond, Dynamic debt, Credit risk, Gilt, Hybrid, Equity, Gold and much more. Basically, there is an investment avenue for every timeframe.

There are various investment avenues such as Fixed deposits along with various post office schemes, Bonds, NCD’s, tax-free bonds, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold, etc. It is ideal to spread our investment across various buckets so that we have ‘optimal’ diversification.

There are multiple methods of investing namely Lumpsum investment, Systematic Investment Plan, Systematic Transfer Plan, Systematic Withdrawal Plan and so on. One or a combination of these methods can be used to counter volatility. Ofcourse, the end result should be achieving the goal.

‘Timing’ the market is necessary only if one is a trader. Timing may also be necessary if you are planning lumpsum investment in a particular sector / theme.

So, here’s the answer – One can invest at all points in time ! All that you need to do is know the goal and timeframe.

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